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Ware Shoals Inn



1 Greenwood Avenue North
Ware Shoals, South Carolina 29692


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Renovated and restored to its past glory while maintaining as much historic value and appearance as possible, the Ware Shoals Inn is used as a home for seniors.

The Ware Shoals Inn has always held a prominent role in the community of Ware Shoals and the textile industry of South Carolina. Built in 1923 by the Ware Shoals Manufacturing Company, the Inn was a public establishment that served as a center of activity in the community.

Today the Ware Shoals Inn serves as a prominent symbol of the town’s history. Though the Ware Shoals Mill buildings alre long gone, the Inn continues as a symbol of the town’s past. It is now being renovated
and restored to its past glory maintaining as much historic value and appearance as possible. The Inn will be used as a home for seniors but will not serve as a retirement home; rather as more of a community.

Totally restored to its original condition, the Ware Shoals Inn now serves as multi-family, affordable senior housing. It is LEED Certified and listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Inn was dedicated to the Ware Shoals community on June 12, 2009 - the 30th anniversary of the Inn’s closing, proudly honoring the Inn’s past, present and future.

With leasing currently underway, the Ware Shoals Inn’s future looks busy, bright and remarkably familiar.